Credit Management

The provision of dedicated customer advisor teams for early stage debt recovery


Sigma offers a range of credit management services for the collection of debts, typically at an early stage of the collections lifecycle.  Services involve the provision of dedicated teams of specialist customer advisors conducting a range of outbound and inbound dialling campaigns - usually utilising clients' brand names.  In many cases these services are essentially the internal collections operations of clients; whereas in other cases, they may be supplemental to other internal collections activity.

Traditionally creditors would manage their early arrears internally but Sigma’s impressive end-to-end credit management services provide an opportunity to rehabilitate customers falling behind on their payments. The range of credit management services include:

CUSTOMER COLLECTIONS Contacting existing customers and helping them to bring their accounts up to date

EX-CUSTOMER COLLECTIONS Contacting previous customers in order to collect outstanding balances

SECURED PAYMENT METHOD Converting customers onto a secured payment method

CUSTOMER REHABILITATION Contacting existing customers with overdue accounts and rehabilitating them to a ‘purchasing’ position

AD-HOC CAMPAIGNS A variety of contact campaigns including payment plan reassessments and broken payment arrangements repair

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